3140 Allergy Symptoms in the First Two Months of Life

Friday, 16 October 2015
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Nurul Iman Nilam Sari, MD , Departement of Child Health, Harapan Kita Mother and Children Hospital, Jakarta, Indonesia

Allergy Symptoms in Infants: Preliminary Study of The First Two Months of Life



The Prevalence of atopic disease has been rising since the latter part of the 20thcentury. Genetic and environmental factors determine the dysregulation and the development of an atopic disease. The first atopic disease to manifest is eczema, which usually commences in early infancy. For up to 40% of children with atopic dermatitis, most likely to develop respiratory symptoms before 5 years of age. This progression in atopic disease is termed the “atopic march”. We performed database to show the profile of allergy symptoms in infants during the first two months of life.


We studied the incidence of allergy symptomps in a prospective birth cohort. A total of 81 infants has been followed up for two months. Atopic disease in parents and siblings were recorded at birth. Allergy symptoms such as atopic dermatitis, wheezing, and gastrointestial symptomps have been recorded.


The common initial symptom to occur in early infants was atopic dermatitis (16%) with a family history of atopic disease (22,2%). Atopic dermatitis occurred in infants with history of atopy was 69,2%; of those with single or double parental atopic history, 33,3% and 66,7%, respectively. Infants with atopic dermatitis born by section caesarean 53,8%. Incidence of atopic dermatitis was 15,4% in exclusive breastfeeding infants. Wheezing and Gastrointestinal symptoms were not detected in this study.


Atopic dermatitis is the first clinical manifestation of allergy and the highest incidence during the first two months of life.

Keywords: allergy symptoms, atopic dermatitis, infants