1156 Causative Allergens in Cases of Severe Persistent Allergic Rhinitis in Central India

Wednesday, 14 October 2015
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Subir Jain, M.B., B.S, D.L.O , Ear Nose Throat, Ent Centre, INDORE, India

Title: Causative Allergens  In Cases Of Severe Persistent Allergic Rhinitis In Central India.

Purpose:To know the Allergen pattern of Central India in cases of Severe Persistent Allergic Rhinitis. From year 2006 to 2014

Material & Method:810 patients of Severe Persistent  Allergic Rhinitis in the age group of 06 to 63 years of age of either sex were taken for study of Allergen Pattern by Modified Prick Test.

After detailed history. Clinical Examination of ENT, Routine blood counts, absolute Eosionophil count, Serum IgE estimation. Patient were off the antihistaminic for minimum of seven days. Allergy test by modified prick method was performed on upper limbs on palmer aspect of forearms. Glycerinated Histamine acid phosphate as positive control and Glycerinated buffer saline as negative control were used. Each patient was tested for same 140 Allergens. Wheal & flare response recorded.

Result:In above study with 810 patients following were the  percentage of different Allergens positive in above group.

House dust mite 18% with D. Farinae 18%, Pollens 78.5% with Prosopis Juliflora 15.5% , Fungus  13.5% with Aspergillus Flavus 4.5%, Insects 64.5%  with Cockroach female 35.5%, Dusts 38.5% with Grain Dust Rice 22% , Danders  21%  with Human Dander 6.5%, Fabrics 5% with Silk 2%, Foods 50% with Milk 5%, Miscellaneous 7.5% with Parthenium Leaves 4%.

Conclusion : The above study gave us the common Allergen pattern in Central part of India in cases of Severe Persistent  Allergic  Rhinitis  as Pollens 78.5%, Insects 64.5%, Food 50%, Dusts 38.5% were mostly responsible for Chronic Allergic Rhinitis.