1157 An evaluation of variousallergens in cases of allergic bronchial asthma at lucknow and neighbouring districts by intradermal skintest

Wednesday, 14 October 2015
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Drsushil Suri, MD , Medicine, Surimedicalfoundationhospital, Lucknow, India

Dranu Suri, MBBS FellowEmergencyMedicine , Emergency Medicine, Surimedicalfoundationhospital, Lucknow, India

.The work of Kasliwas et al(1959) and Shivpuri et al(1971) have proved beyond doubt that there is a definite correlation between pollen peaks and symptomatology of the patients of respiratoty allergy. With these factors in mind the present study was conducted with the aims - to clinically evaluate the cases of bronchial asthma, to know the spectrum of allergens by skin testing in these cases(intradermal skin tests) and to find out seasonal and climatic variations in these cases.

The patients were prepared for intradermal skin test as per Shivpuri et al (1964)The intradermal skin tests were performed by means of a tuberculin syringe and 26 gauge (1”length)short bevelled needle.A negative control test was done in the similar manner with 0.01ml of buffer saline ( the diluent of the antigen)and marked as “C’. A positive control test was done by Histamine phosphate solution(100 microgram/ml) and marked as “H”.Interpretation was done as per Shivpuri’s criteria(Shivpuri1962,1969)The 2 to 4 reactions were taken as “markedly positive”.This study showed that the prevalance of allergic manifestations were higher in first degree relatives(50%)than the second degree relatives(8%)of the patients . In this study the pollen antigens which gave “significant positive reactions”(and there clinical correlation with the patient’s history)in the descending order of significance were as Cassiasiamea, Adhantoda, Morus, Parthenium, Artemesia, Argemonemaxicana, Cannabisoccidentalis, Rumex, Asphodelous, Gynandropsis, Amaranthus, Cenchrusalbum, Ricinuscommunis, Crataeva nurvuala, Melia, Kigelia, Prosopsis, Pennisetum, Dodonaea, Azadirechta, Putranjiva rox-burghii.The extensive botanical and aero-biological surveys with clinical evaluation of a very largre number of cases of alleric bronchial asthma should be carried out in future in order to draw the exact polen calender of this region.