3164 Respiratory Symptoms, Signs and Spirometry Indexes Comparision in 7-12 Years Old Girls in Esfahan Metropolis and Its Far Suburb

Friday, 16 October 2015
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Mohammadreza Fatemi Khorasgani, MD , Pediatrics- Shariati Hospital, Islamic Azad University- Najafabad Branch, Isfahan, Iran

Shima Hamidipour , General Practitioner, Iran

Farhad Pajang, MD , Islamic azad university najafabad branch, Shariati hospital, esfahan, Iran

Naghme Eftekary , General Practitioner, Iran

Introduction- Esfahan, the famous historical city, now has more than 2.5 million citizens with about one million vehicles and, because of its unique geographic position, takes place as the main industrial center in Iran. Air pollution in Esfahan is a complex problem and its effect in children respiratory quality is the main goal of this research.

Material and Methods-In this cross sectional study with convenient sampling during 2013 winter, we have a total 40 girls, 7- 12, from Esfahan CBD and 40 from the city of Tiran, a small and calm city 45 Km. west of Esfahan with nearly same climate. For every participant we complete the questionnaire for anthropomorphic values and past year respiratory symptoms. For spirometry evaluation we used a Spirolab 3.Datae analyzed by SPSS version 20.

Results-For Esfahan and Tiran girls age was 9.4+/-1.6 against 9.9+/-1.3, for height 135.5+/-10.6 against 140.5+/-11, for weight 31.8+/-11.3 against 34.8+/-13.8 and for BMI 16.4+/-3.1 against 17.2+/-4.7 which are near to each other. For main respiratory symptoms, cough 18.2% against 6% (P-value=0.53), dyspnea 14% against 5(P-value=0.08) and wheezing 3 person against zero. For spirometry indexes, for vital capacity (VC) percent 114.1+/-34.9 against 87.2+/-16.7(P-value=0.000), FVC 2.0+/- 0.6 against 2.1+/-0.7(P-value=0.56), FEV1 1.59+/- 0.39 against 1.83+/-049(P-value=0.15), for FEV1/VC 76.48+/-25.2 against 94.52+/-13.3, for FEF 25 75 1.81+/- 0.62 against 2.61+/- 2.20(P- value= 0.000).

Conclusion- Quality of respiratory air differ normal physiological indexes even in childhood. Some of them are probably compensatory like VC, but others are capable to limit normal activities step by step.