2016 Fixed Drug Eruption Induced By Ornidazole and Diclofenac  

Thursday, 15 October 2015
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Ismet Bulut, MD , Immuonology and Allergy, Süreyyapaşa Chest Disease and Chest Surgery Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Zeynep Ferhan Ozseker, MD , Immunology and Allergy, Sureyyapasa Chest Diseases and Chest Surgery Training Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Fixed Drug Eruption Induced by Ornidazole and Diclofenac




Fixed drug eruption (FDE) is a drug reaction characterized by erythema, edema and sometimes bullae appearing in the same skin or mucosal region due to repeated intake of a drug. Most commonly causative drugs are sulfonamides, barbiturates and nonsteroid antiinflamatory drugs.

Hereby a FDE developing due to intake of ornidazole for the treatment of vaginitis case is presented


27 years old woman applied to our clinic with complaint of purple-violet coloured symmetrical , regular bordered , itchy macular erythematous lesions of 5x3 cm in diameter on dorsum of both  hands; and oral lesions. Medical history revealed intake of mixovul (ornidazole) one day prior to onset of complaints. He patient had also experienced similar lezions on skin and oral mucosa 6 months ago, 24 hours after taking ornidazole. The patient had similar symptoms on skin and oral mucosa also after intake of diclofenac.


Ornidazole skin prick test was found to be negative. Ornidazole patch test was similarly negative. Prick test and patch test for diclofenac were found to be negative as well.  

Amoxicillin- Claculonic acid prick test was done in order to determine an alternative safe antibiotic and it was found as negative too. Oral provocation test did not reveal any early or late onset allergic reaction either.  Prick test and oral provocation test with meloxicam was done in order to find an alternative analgesic and these were negative too. 


With this case, we wanted to point out that ornidazole, a commonly used anti-infection agent, can be the cause of fixed drug eruption in some cases. Also, it should be noted that fixed drug eruptions can occur for multiple drugs in the same patient.