2029 Newly allergic rhinitis classification - danyoung classification

Thursday, 15 October 2015
Hall D1 Foyer (Floor 3) (Coex Convention Center)

SUN-HO / Brian Chang, MD PhD , DEPT. of ORL-Hns, King Sejong ORL-Hns Clinic, SEJONG, South Korea

On ARIA 2008 update, Allergic rhinitis classification is decide by duration and severity of subjective symptom.
Multiple allergen simultaneous test and other immunologic test is helpful on diagnosis of allergic rhinitis, but long time need for confirm of dianosis.
As using innovative stryker 3chip endoscopic system for about 12 years, I maked newly allergic rhinitis classification by objective visual data files.

From Jun 2001 to Oct 2012, nasoendoscopic video data files were collected from allergic rhinitis patients.
Nasoendoscopic video system is consist of stryker 3chip video camera system 888, 988, 1088 model. Video data storage system is consist of stryker SDC-pro, SDC-HD recording system and NAS-LG system.

DANYOUNG classification hypothesis based on surface change of allergic rhinitis patient’s inferior turbinate mucosa.
This classification consist of 3 stages. Stage 1 is hypertrophy state. Stage 2 is dimple state. Stage 3 is wrinkle state.
This staging system is similar to skin aging change.
The lining of the mouth, salivary glands, nasal passageways, and anus develop from ectoderm. Origin of skin and nasal mucosa are of same kind, ectoderm.

DANYOUNG classification has very simple, objetive advantage and useful on early diagnosis of allergic rhinitis. When OMU-CT is using together for allergic rhinitis patient, this staging is clear more than.
DANYOUNG classification can related on ARIA 2008 update, can be one in the future.

Keywords: allergic rhinitis,stryker 3chip endoscopy,Danyoung classification