2073 Wheat allergy is difficult to diagnose then other food allergens

Thursday, 15 October 2015
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Suman Kumar, MD , Allergy and Immunology, Ent and Allergy Centre(INDIA), PANCHKULA, India


Wheat allergy is common in children and adults.Skin prick tests and wheat specific IgE tests has low specific value for wheat then other allergens

                        The challenge tests are to be done to confirm Wheat allergy.It has been noticed that in patients of Wheat allergies the reactions may  occur late .In normal food allergen challenges maximum number of reactions are found within one hour of food challenge and others in second hour..In wheat allergen challenge less number of reactions occur in first hour followed by some in second hours and rest occur after 2 hours of test  


To see wheather wheat challenge tests have delayed responses in patientsof wheat allergy


                   Database of patients of Wheat allergy attending ENT AND ALLERGY CENTRE(INDIA)PANCHKULA.Retrospective study of wheat allergy patients for last 3 years


        68 patients of suspected wheat allergy were put on Wheat challenge tesrts

           28 were positive ,2 were still  not conclusive and  38 were negative

In wheat allergy challenge tests  25% patients showed reactions in 1st hour

55% patients reacted in 2nd hour and 20% reactions occurred after 2 hours


In wheat allergy patients we need to know that reactions can occur even after 2 hours of challenge in comparison with other reallergens in which most reactions occur in 1 st hour of challenge.