1126 Steven johnson syndrome caused by typhoid fever in a child

Wednesday, 14 October 2015
Hall D1 Foyer (Floor 3) (Coex Convention Center)

Azwin Lubis, MD , Child Health, Airlangga University Teaching Hospital, Surabaya, Indonesia

Anang Endaryanto, MD, PhD , Child Health, Airlangga University Teaching Hospital, Surabaya, Indonesia


Background: Steven-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) in children can caused by infection. Thypoid is one of bacterial etiologies.

Case report: A 7 years-old boy with main complaint of blistering all over his body, fever and weak condition. His lips were ulcerated, erythematous, swollen covered with pseudomembran and hemorrhagic crust. There were pruritic hyperpigmented plaques with papilovesicular eruptions at their center (bullous target lesions) covered almost of his whole body. There were also macula erythematous with vesicle and ulceration in his external genital and scrotum. He suffered from blistering since 3 days before admission. The lesion appeared first in the face and mouth, then spreads to the whole body. After that his mucosa of mouth and lips were ulcerated and he had difficulty in swallowing. He had been on medical treatment to a doctor before, but on the 4th day of illness there were red blotches and vesicles appeared on his body, sore throat and oral thrush. So he admitted in hospital for 3 days, but his condition was getting worse and came to our hospital. The O widal test result was 1/320.  The assessment were SJS and suspected Typhoid fever. Treatment were supportive, ceftriaxone and corticosteroid. This patient discharged in a good condition.

Summary:Thypoid is one of SJS bacterial etiologies in children. Diagnosis established after clinical examination, serological, epidemiologically-prevalent and probable infections in country area. Antibiotic is required for SJS caused by infections.

Keywords:Steven-Johnsons Syndrome, etiology, thypoid.