1922 Creative agents of asthma in childhood

Wednesday, 8 December 2010
Creative Agents of Asthma in Childhood

Introdution: Asthma is one of the most common chronic conditions in children. It is important to determine the causative factor and early diagnosis of this problem. Smoking is considered as the first preventable cause of mortality worldwide.

Objective: to determine the relation between Asthma among childhood and its relationto their parents smoking habits.

Methods: this study was a descriptive cross-sectional one among childhood. Cluster sampling technique was used to select schools as clusters  and  in each cluster all people were questioned by using ISSHS standard questionnaire. Chi-square and ANOVA tests were used for data analysis of SPSS software.

Results: there were 200 participants aging  6-7 years old. %25 of fathers were ciagarette Smoker. Prevalence of Asthma symptoms in this group were significantly higher. And having cigarette- Smoking mothers can significantly increase Allergic rhinitis and Asthma symptoms in 6-7 years old children.

Conclution: our study confirmed that familial atopic diseases and exposure to smoking were significant predictors of childhood Asthma.