1809 The role of immunotherapy in asthma and rhinitis

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

                                              The role of SIT in Asthma and Ahinitis

Immunotherapy (sit ) is the only currently available treatment that deals with the main cause of allergic disease by modifying the immune response

Our study is a retrospective study in alasad university hospital in Damascus syria to Identify the causative allergens and to evaluate the efficacy of immunotherapy .

 We studied  345 patients with well-documented history of rhinitis(68%) , or asthma (47%).

140 patients received either sublingual or subcutaneous immune therapy and followed the protocol  of sit.

Results showed  65.9%  improvement in  asthmatic patients with pollen allergy ,

And 78% improvement in asthmatic patients with mites allergy.

Patients with rhinitis due to mites allergy had 76.4% improvement

While patients with rhinitis allergic to pollen had 70.1% improvement