1326 From temperament to personality: Does asthma affect development?

Monday, 6 December 2010

This paper examines the relationship between temperament, personality and asthma in a longitudinal sample. A previous study have pointed to possible links between temperamental mismatch between parents and children, and asthma. Other studies have found links between asthma and negative emotionality, while some have not found such relationships. In the longitudinal PRAD study (Lilljeqvist, Smørvik & Faleide, 2003), 100 children with and without asthma were followed from birth to adolescence. No link was found between asthma and temperamental traits at 7-9 years of age, nor of asthma and personality traits at 15-17 years. The data did reveal a link between asthma at 7-9 years of age and elevations in the personality trait of neuroticism at 15-17 years. Possible etiological links are discussed.