1305 The effect of cellulose powder (nasaleze) on the course of seasonal allergic rhinitis

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The effect of cellulose powder (nasaleze) on the course of seasonal allergic rhinitis

<>The aim of the study was to assess the effectiveness of cellulose powder extract on prophylactic treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis in children. We studied 38 patients with mean age 13,33,7 years, already diagnosed seasonal allergic rhinitis according to the ISAAC and ARIA criteria and at least double value of total IgE immunoglobulin. All children received nasaleze inhaled powder once or twice a day based on symptom severity during one month. Before starting and at the end of the treatment all children had clinical examination. We evaluated nasal symptom score (0-4) according to their symptoms (nasal obstruction, rhinorrea, sneezing, itching), total IgE, eosinophils of nasal secretion and quality of life (PRQLQ, published by E. Juniper). The study reveals that relief of symptoms was obtained within 0.1-3 hours after taking medication. The mean of the clinical nasal symptom score was 3,020,8 at the beginning and 1,230,9 at the end of the treatment (p<0,01). The most frequent symptom was nasal secretion but most disturbing symptom that affects quality of life was nasal obstruction. There was significant decrease of the eosinophils in nasal secretion before and after treatment. Uncomfortable sensation in the back of the throat was the only side effect reported in (10,5%). All subscales of PRQLQ indicated aftyervthe tretment was reduced significantly. The result showed effectiveness of using cellulose powder extract in treatment for improvement of nasal symptom scores as well as quality of life of patients with seasonal rhinitis