1252 Allergic asthma in syrian adults

Monday, 6 December 2010
Objective The interest of our study was to investigate the most important Allergens responsible for Atopic Bronchial Asthma in Syrian Adults.

Methods :76 Adults asthmatics aging (16-45 y.) consulting our Department between January 2008- January 2009, with 37 Male patients (48.6%), and 39 Female patients (51.3%), all patients had a Skin Prick tests (SPTs-STALLERGENES Lab.)and specific and total IgE measurements using the  CLA-SYSTEM method(Multiple Allergens Sensibility Test).

Results The Prevalence of Allergic Asthma is more common in the town (70.3%) than in the Country (29.7%).There was a history of positive Smoking in 18.5%of our group, with a 70.8%of patients had positive familial history of Asthma. There was an Allergic Rhinitis(30.4%) , Allergic Conjunctivitis(15.3%) ,and Urticaria(10.7%) in our patients.

The most common Allergens in the SPTs were:Dpt+Df(59%),Grass Pollens(50.66), Cats&Dogs(19.2%),Fungi(8.2%)and Tree Pollens(4.6%).

The most common Allergens in the MAST  were:Dpt+Df(57.7%0,GrassPollens(49.3%),Cats&Dogs(23.5%),Fungi(11.2%),and Tree Pollens(3.9%).

Conclusions Bronchial Asthma is a common disease in our Country. Allergy to House Dust Mite and to Grass Pollens were comparable to western European Countries, but Allergy to pets and Tree pollens were lower