1096 Triggering Factors of Atopic Dermatitis By Severity

Wednesday, 14 October 2015
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Yoon Ha Hwang, MD , Department of Pediatrics, Busan St.Mary's Hospital, Busan, South Korea

Sung Won Kim , Department of Pediatrics, Busan St.Mary's Hospital, South Korea

Background : Atopic dermatitis is exacerbated by several triggering factors, which are allergens,  stress, infections climates and so on. We investigated triggering factors for better control of atopic dermatitis in children.

Methods : Subjects were diagnosed as atopic dermatitis by pediatricians of allergy clinic of Busan St.Mary’s Hospital from April, 2014 to March, 2015. We got history taking, allergy test (SPT, ImmunoCap), Skin culture, and physical examination for checking triggering factors. We also classified by severity (SCORAD score), and analyzed each group’s triggering factors.

Results : Subjects number was 301. (male 185, 3month to 18 years old, average 4.6).Triggering factors were skin infections, foods (immediate 29, delayed 10), itching (21), traditional medicine (18), and systemic infections (16). Skin infections were by bacteria (S.aureus(SA) 178, methicillin-resistant SA(MRSA) 77), Fungi (Malassezia 78, average IgE 7.1kUA/L), and virus(Kaposi varicelliform eruption 58). Mild groups were 157, (male 89, average age 4.1) and triggered by SA/MRSA (77/31), malassezia (29, IgE 4.3), KVE (12), foods (immediate/delayed 14/6), itching (8), sweat(7), irritation(6), systemic infection(5), and environment(4) in order of frequency. Moderate group were SA/MRSA (87/39), malassezia (37, IgE 7.2), KVE (34), foods (immediate/delayed 12/4), itching(10), traditional medicine(10), systemic infection(9), topical ointment tolerance(7), and sweat(5). Severe group were 22, (male 15, average 8.0) triggered by SA/MRSA (14/7), malassezia (12, IgE 13.4), KVE (12), traditional medicine(7), foods (immediate/delayed 3/0). itching(3), systemic infection(2), and irritation(1, dyeing).

Conclusion : Skin infections, traditional medicine are high proportions of triggering factors of atopic dermatitis in severe group. Mild-moderated group were mainly triggered by skin infection, foods, and itching.