3087 Subcutaneous autologous serum therapy in chronic urticaria

Friday, 16 October 2015
Hall D1 Foyer (Floor 3) (Coex Convention Center)

Kiran Godse, MD.FRCP , Dermatology, D.Y.Patil Medical College and Hospital, NAVI MUMBAI, India

Chronic Spontaneous urticaria (CSU) is a vexing problem are also subjected to a huge antihistamine pill burden
The symptoms are more in autoreactive urticaria (AU) where auto-antibodies in blood flares-up the condition. Search for newer effective modalities which can reduce pill burden is a felt need.
URTICRIA is one of the most challenging therapeutic problems faced by a dermatologists.
Auto serum therapy is a Therapy in which repeated injections of autologous serum are administered subcutaneously.
complete absorption is possible in subcutaneous autoseru, therapy.This study evaluates the effectiveness of  subcutaneous autologous serum therapy (AST) in CSU and also determines its usefulness in Autoreactive Urticaria
•Single blind, Placebo controlled
•parallel group, randomized, controlled study. 24 patients (11M: 13 F) were given subcutaneous AST and
•17 (7 M:10F) patients were given subcutaneous injection normal saline (placebo), along with levocetirizine in an on-demand basis in both groups
•Age group 19-54 years Mean age 29.7yrs
•Duration of urticaria 6 months to 80 months
•Associated conditions:
–Eosinophilia  - 5 patients
–Hypothyroidism -  4 patients
–Microcyctic Hypochromic anemia  - 2 patients
–Autologous serum skin test +ve 
–11/24 serum group
–7/17 saline group
Urticaria activity score (UAS) came down form average 35.74 to 7 at the end of 9 weeks.Saline group did not show reduction in UAS.Daily requirement of antihistamines also came down in serum group.
AST is a useful adjunct to antihistamines in CU. The effect persisted even four months after cessation of therapy and thus improves the quality of life.
This therapy could be useful in India as cost effective &  beneficial ( a poor man’s biologic!) for chronic urticaria patients.