1932 Seroprevalence of anisakiasis analisys residents from "aldea de pescadores" town, puerto la cruz, anzoategui 2010

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Authors:     Marsella, Sofía.,  Naime, Martha., Parada, Elizabeth.




Anisakiosis is a zoonosis caused by nematodes Anisakidae family, of which there are many genres distinguished by their public health concern as: Pseudoterranova, Contracaecum, Hysterothylacium and Anisakis. Furthermore, there are four species recognized from Anisakis: A. simplex, A. physeris, A. typical and A. schupakovi. Anisakis simplex is being the most studied parasite in clinical practice, parasitizing marine mammals in its adult form, and in different larval stages affects fish and cephalopods. The humans, being an accidental host, it is acquired through the consumption of raw or undercooked fish. Anisakiosis could be a public health problem, especially in areas where the economy and feeding depend on fishing, causing health problems for the whole community. Objectives: analyze the seroprevalence of anisakiasis in residents from "Aldea de Pescadores" town, sector I, Puerto la Cruz, Anzoátegui State. Materials and Methods: it was conducted an exploratory, field, prospective, cross-sectional research. There were taken samples of 93 local people from "Aldea de Pescadores" which were tested by Prick test and specific IgE determination in order to detect positive Anisakiosis cases, to carried out a hypothesis test, analyzed by SPSS 17.0. Results: There was a (8.6%) of positive prick test to Anisakis simplex; 6.5% for the specific IgE determination to the same parasite. However, verified the null hypothesis there were no differences in the prevalence of gastrointestinal, dermatological and/or breathing symptoms in those with skin and serological positive tests for Anisakis simplex. Conclusions: The results indicate that the Anisakis simplex infection is not a public health problem in “Aldea de Pescadores” town. Nevertheless, there are a positive percentage of Anisakiasis cases in this town. For this reason, it is necessary the spread of information, and the application of prophylactic measures to avoid the increasing number of people affected by this disease.

Keywords: Anisakiasis, Prick test, IgE, Anisakis simplex.