1467 Management of mucus related respiratory health problems through sinuses and airways cleaning exercises

Monday, 6 December 2010
The objective of the paper is to create awareness among people about alternative and complimentary methods to control the problems.  The incidence of allergic rhinitis and  asthma are  increasing day by all over the world as a result of increase in pollution.  Its control has become difficult and a burden on people’s economy.  As a patient of allergic rhinitis and asthma, I evolved exercises to control  mucus related respiratory health problems. The exercises pertain to cleaning of sinuses, bronchial airways from excess mucus and to bring in control  inflammation.   Through the exercises, the problems can be brought under control within minutes.  Asthma causes the following changes in airways.  1. Inflammation (plays the role of immunological defense against infection, injury or allergy)    2. Excess mucus formation (is a prominent feature of inflammation. It becomes a ground for respiratory tract infections)    3. Broncho spasm   (results in narrowing of airways as a result of tightening of smooth muscles around them) Inflammation and its features together cause breathlessness in asthma patients. Methods (Exercises) and results:   1. Nasal irrigation (hydrotherapy, cleanses the upper respiratory tract)   2. Bronchial airways cleaning from excess mucus ( These exercises are based on the concept “ take deep breath and hold for about 20 to 30 seconds or more, bend  the body towards gravity assisted lobar positions”  On breathing out forcefully through nasal passages, the mucus gets drained out )   3. Physical, aerobic & yogic (the remodelled, debilitated respiratory muscles get strengthened and lung capacity improves)   Conclusion:  Any mucus related respiratory problem affects first sinuses and then the tracheo bronchial tree as they constitute only one pathway.  Though the sinuses are away from lungs, they are considered to be the best guardians of lungs.  The cilia in the airways become defunct when excess mucus forms. Once the sinuses are cleaned of it, the airways also get cleaned.  The defunct cilia become active and ciliate mucus towards nasal passages. It can be blown out easily. The bronchial airways cleaning  exercises with gravity assisted lobar positions,  will assist in draining out total mucus from airways.  Allergic rhinitis, asthma and their co-morbid disorders can be brought under control.   The exercises are controlling and preventive.