1335 Adult atopic disorders and ADHD: A need of black spot program

Monday, 6 December 2010


Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs) are considered a major public health problem in UAE.  The association of RTAs with adult ADHD was concluded in many studies. Atopic disorders including asthma, atopic eczema (AE) and others are also not uncommon in the country. Although the association of atopic disorders with adult ADHD was controversial, it recently gains importance in biomedical research. Drugs used to treat asthma and ADHD are not infrequently prescribed to the same patients especially among adults of both gender, suggesting a marked co-morbidity between asthma and ADHD. The association between AE and ADHD is modified by sleeping problems which are, in itself,  known risk factors to RTAs. Given the significant morbidity and mortality of RTAs, atopic disorders, and adult ADHD, the co- morbidity between these disorders should gain more attention from us. Methods:

The aim of this presentation is to shed the light on the black spot in managing the aforementioned co- morbidity. The author reviewed all publications investigating this co-morbidity in several databases.

Results and conclusion:

Then he would display in his 15 minutes oral presentation a black spot program to manage it.