1269 Treatmet of chronic allergic rhinitis:intranasal vs. oral therapy?

Monday, 6 December 2010
Background:Allergic rhinitis is common among iranian people.The aim of this study was compare  the efficacy of intranasal vs. oral therpy for chronic allergic rhinitis( CAR). Method: A randomised controlled study was conducted in 51 patients with diagnosis of CAR who divided to received  either intranasal budesonide 256 mg ( group 1) or combination therapy wih  10 mg cetirizine plus 10 mg montelukast( group 2) daily for two months. Results: At the end of treatment, group 1 had significantly better total nasal score and subjective symptoms than group 2, but did not have any diffrences in post nasal drip. Conclusion: Intranasal budesonide is mor effective than cetirizine plus montelukst for  treatment of chronic allergic rhinitis.